Corn drill video

In what seems one of the most excruciating videos to watch on the internet, one girl learns the hard way why. While videos of people attempting the challenge have been . Woman tries to eat corn on the cob with spinning drill, rips her hair out.

A YOUNG woman has fallen victim to the latest internet craze that involves eating corn on the cob with power tools. In the eye-watering clip, the man can be seen introducing the video and turning on the drill, causing the corn on the cob to begin rotating at a . Gav and Dan cobbled this video together. This guy thought that it would be funny to film himself eating his corn.

Get jazzed for sweet corn season. As Mashable notes, a second video later shows the girl receiving medical . The video went viral instantly and got millions of views on . You will not try this Corn on the Drill Challenge after watching this epic fail video. An Asian girl loses her hair badly while trying Corn on the Drill . A new viral challenge is going around the internet.

People are attaching corn to drills, so they can speed eat it. Guy hack corn on the cob drill. After the his first video – featuring the .

How to eat corn off the cob in seconds flat. Fake AF – Chinese Man Looses his teeth over Corn Drill challenge. This is what they look like in super slow motion.

EATING CORN WITH DRILL GONE WAY TO WONG! According to the internet, people have been eating corn on the cob. As you can see in the now-viral video above, the girl did not bother to tie . Click play to find out how to impress your f. Just like the cartoon characters used too!

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