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Discover lavender harvest in summer or lavender farms in South of France. We would like to see the blossoming lavender field for sure. The best time to come is early because the light is in the right position in the.

Open year-roun free distillery visits and walks on the farm year-round. Lavender starts to bloom around the time of the summer solstice, mid to end June,. It can differ from year to year and is totally dependent on the. You can go home and show pictures of spectacular lavender fields flowing .

This time of year is when the famous Provencal lavender fields are in . July and lavender from end June to August. There are multiple lavender fields that you can visit this part of France, each one. Provence in the summer: Lavender, sunflowers and more…. Years ago only women would harvest and sell lavender while men tended to. If you plan to tour the lavender fields we know the back roads of the area.

The fields of lavender in France are meant to be gorgeous. What is the best time of year to see them in their full glory? Late June through July is the best season for lavender in Provence.

Many travelers are not sure what period of the year is the best time to ensure those . Posts about best time to see lavender in provence written by Access. Harvesting commences early July. Based on my experience, if you want to visit lavender fields, aim for the last.

Would the first week of July be too early to go and see Lavender fields in full. Last year it was very hot and you find the Lavender looses its colour in the heat. Take your time to savor the lavender fields using the gift of all your five . American writer who lives most of the year in the South of France. Check out this website for the times of year when lavender tends to bloom in various parts of Provence. A guide to cycling in Provence, lavender fields and Mont Ventoux, including.

If you want to see lavender in France you must come in July. July (which was the time we went).

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