Orten ligger vid Nassersjöns västra strand omkring 2km sydväst om staden Assuan . När den moderna tidens behov krockar med ovärderliga kulturminnen får ofta det senare stå tillbaka. The Abe Simbel temples are spectacular!

It was constructed for the pharaoh Ramesses II, and the other for his own wife, Nefertari. In his day, Ramses II built entire cities in Egypt, but nothing would have been as awe-inspiring as the Great Temple which was stumbled across . On two days, traditionally the anniversary of .

The ruins of the ancient Egyptian civilization: Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple at Night, Baloon. It is one of the crowning monuments of Rameses the Great, the pharaoh who would become the . Läs recensionerna från några av dina medresenärer. Despite its great distance from Cairo and the fact visiting it from Aswan involves travelling . Abu Simbel Temples – Aswan Attractions from Viator.

This awe-inspiring temple complex is lauded both for the breathtaking ambition . Bästa pris- och pengarna tillbakagaranti! Där har påträffats två tempel från .

Abu Siʹmbel, Abū Sunbul, fornegyptisk fyndplats ca km norr om gränsen mellan Egypten och Sudan, i det gamla Nubien. Lake Nasser cruise offers wonderful scene of endless desert landscape, staggering monuments, whose shimmering colours change dramatically under the . The original temple was positioned on the bank of the Nile, but it was raised up 3meters by an international relocation project supported by . Entrance, Lakes and Places. It was built by Ramses II, in the 13th century BC. Learn why Ramses had these famous landmarks built to honor himself.

Two massive temples in honour of Ramesses II and Nefertari. Two magnificent rock-cut temples were built here by the 19th Dynasty . Spending Wonderful time in Egypt in sailing on the board of luxurious Lake Nasser cruises from Aswan to Abu . Unlike cult temples such as Luxor and Karnak (as opposed to mortuary temples), which . Hitta fantastiska erbjudanden på paketresor med prisgaranti. Boka flyg, hotell och hyrbil enkelt och billigt. The most spectacular aspect of this temple is its setting in the solid rock above the banks of .

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