Tyres or tires

Tire and tyre both mean a covering for a wheel, usually made of rubber. Tire is the preferred spelling in the U. Tyre is preferred in most varieties . In British English both spellings are correct, but both words mean totally different things. In all of the English speaking worl the word tire when . It is a question of regional usage but according to The Grammarist tire is used mainly in the US and Canada: Tire and tyre both mean a covering for a . Become uninterested in doing something.

After a week he tired of eating rice. He never tires of the sound of his own voice. You are here: Tyres. Race; MTB; Cross; City/Trekking. Choose your field of application.

Late 15th century (denoting the curved pieces of iron plate with which carriage wheels were formerly shod): perhaps a variant of archaic tire, shortening of attire . The spelling tyre is used in the United Kingdom, Irelan Australia, and New Zealand after being revived in the 19th century. Both tyre and tire were used in the . A tire (American English) or tyre is a ring-shaped component that surrounds a wheel’s rim to transfer a vehicle’s load from the axle through the wheel to the . Vogue Tyre offers drivers a full line all season tires: our Custom Built Radial White/Gold Tyres (Whitewalls) and Signature V High Performance All-Season Tires. Vogue Tyre, the inventor of whitewalls, offers drivers the best all-season tires: Custom Built Radial White/Gold Tyres and the Signature V High Performance .

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