Admiralty 30

Den här gången testar han Admiralty som är en av världens mest extrema 30-fotare! Jimmy Hellberg utökar sitt stall med något långsmalt. Har förresten inte hans båtar sjukt coola namn: Jane Doe, Miss Conduct, .

Vår kändistestare Torvar Mirsky älskar kompromisslösa båtar. About the ADMIRALTY sailboat. Information on production or series built sailboats, dinghies and sailing yachts. The aim was for it to be raced by two or three sailors who .

The first photo shows Admiralty after it passed the lead boat (a Beneteau 4) on the second day. I think Admiralty has the capability to do even better. Would you expext to see the Esse to sail . If you are looking to buy sometime . It provides maximum spee stability and optimum performance with . The Admiralty OD is designed with one over-riding ambition in mind. This sleek sports boat has an asymmetric spinnaker and an eye catching . Posts about Admiralty written by akefredriksson.

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The Brig Dart, to have been made without reason, the xCOURT OF VICE-ADMIRALTY. Nmflefish On the part of Two Gentlemen, Lieutenants of the. Robinson Christopher Robinson, High Court of Admiralty.

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