Cat s60 review

The CAT Sis one of the most interesting smartphones I’ve tested this year. Featuring a rugge near-indestructible . Inledning Cat Sär väldigt tydligt inte bara tålig, utan erbjuder dessutom en hel del unika funktioner. Ja, den är förresten inte bara tålig, utan . Share you thoughts and opinions by commenting below. Subscribe to our channel for more tech: http://bit. The Cat Sis one of the most rugged smartphones we’ve come across, but how good is it at performing regular smartphone duties?

The Good The Cat Sfeatures a built-in thermal imaging camera. It can consistently survive foot drops onto concrete and can take a foot . Cat S- user opinions and reviews. So I’ve had this Scat phone for a couple of months now.

Cat Suser opinions and reviews. The new $5Cat S— yes, Cat, as in Caterpillar the construction company, though the phone is made by a company called Bullit Mobile . Caterpillar’s Cat Ssmartphone almost manages to accomplish that feat thanks to a unique feature, a heat sensor, that transformed it into the . Thermal imaging like the Predator and built to last – it’s our full review of the super-tough CAT S60.

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