Lightweight packaging is our answer to the demands of the liquid food industry and consumers asking for modern and clever packages. The edding EcoLine range has been designed with the environment in mind – all products and packaging are made from recycled materials and renewable . Dra nytta av ditt nätverk och ro hem ditt nya jobb.

With an upright rim or perhaps without one. With carvings or completely round. We provide the coasters, trays and . Ultrasonic technology is becoming ever more popular in the field of packaging.

The widest variety of containers, such as tubes, bottles, bags, blister packs and . If you require packaging supplies, look no further than the great range of boxes, bags, labels and wrapping available at Officeworks. By replacing an existing coolant with EcoLine Cutting Flui secondary RP . Premium Packaging Design for leading Saffron spice brand from India. Wine Chiller, aerator and purer box design.

ECOLine 6 PE film microns. Water soluble PVA bags, sachets or . EcoLine uses completely plastic-free packaging and the packaging . For this reason we have created the new “ECOLINE” packaging which combines modern look, environmental friendly properties and low cost.

The recycled paperboard EcoLine (ranging from 90gsm to 440gsm) is used in graphical and packaging applications and is available in brown . With ECOLINE, we insist on using suppliers with the most environmentally sensitive. Packing film Clever Paper, FPO PE, Linkaver, Ecoline wholesale. Apart from the safety symbols, other symbols can be found on the packaging. These may be legally prescribed symbols as well as symbols that have been . For high-volume production of blister packs, lids, and hinged packaging, the . Products: shrink wrap, shrink film, flixtite, packaging supplies. Processing And Packing Equipment.

The automotive industry, the high-tech sector, in the packaging, food and textile industries, in medical. We offer our customers the necessary specialist competence to create indivudial packaging. In these industries, this is mainly about plastic parts such as .

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