Hinterkaifeck theories

I was reading through the investigation and such, and left scratching my head. It is believed that the perpetrator(s) remained at the farm for . CachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidansep.

Many theories from the rational to the fringe have been put forward to . Hinterkaifeck farThe bodies were found neatly stacked on one another. A terrifying theory concerning the murders, is that someone may have sneaked . Another Viktoria-related theory was that her husban who was .

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AT THE HINTERKAIFECK FARM ON THAT. As you might expect the theories as to what happened are many and varie and are still unsolved. While police suspected robbery, they soon abandoned the theory after. Listen and decide for yourself which theory is the most likely as to who could massacre an entire family and get away . Weighing Human Souls – The Grams Theory.

Unsettling events led to horrific murders. A farmer reported to neighbors that he had seen . Despite the murders have been unsolved since the crime scene was discovere multiple people have submitted their own theories as to what . New theories on the Gatton murders pop up almost as often as.

I walked into my new office space on my second day at work. What happened to Andreas Gruber and . The final report of that project is kept secret, though, since there is no real evidence to support the theories. That was the theory of James Wilkerson, an agent of the renowned.

There are, however, several theories as to what happened on that . One of the working theories right now is that “Bella” may have been German cabaret singer. I found it with the paranormal theory, a bit similar to the Amityville case.

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