Experience eMountain Biking with previously unknown dynamics. The new Drive Unit Performance CX is the. The Performance Line CX can be seen as the top performing system,.

Our sample bike had the Performance Line system which provides less . Der kraftvolle Performance Line CX Antrieb dürfte insbesondere für E-Mountainbiker von großem Interesse sein, da die optimierte Drive Unit im Gelände und auf . Unsere E-Bike Modelle mit dem BOSCH . The Bosch CX Drive motor offers more torque than the regular Performance Line motor – up to Nm at peak output.

The CX Drive motor builds upon the . Free delivery on eligible orders. Il nuovo sistema Bosch Performance Line CX innalza il limite di utilizzo di una e-bike. With the new Performance Line CX Bosch presented the latest version of their own E-bike drive system which has been especially optimised for . Trim till elcykel med motor Bosch Active, Performance eller Performance CX. Active-Line och Performance-Line från Bosch. Bosch lanceert een nieuwe rijmodus voor de Performance Line CX.

Deze modus werd ontwikkeld om te voldoen aan de eisen van . Moteur Performance qui est destiné aux vélos électriques sportifs et qui se décline en.

Some saying it might even be the best hill climbing motor available. Bosch press release: “The eMTB mode replaces the former Sport mode of the Performance Line CX and varies between the Tour and Turbo . Mit dem Bosch Performance Line CX Antrieb ist ab sofort ein neuer, besonders kräftiger Motor für E-Bikes auf dem Markt. Bosch is rolling out an update for the Performance Line CX motor and it sounds pretty cool! The Bosch Performance line CX is the golden child for mountain biking, trail riding, and just about any other sporty usage.

ADOWARKA BOSCH 2A ACTIVE, PERFORMANCE ŁADOWARKA BOSCH 2A ACTIVE, PERFORMANCE. The motor has had its torque boosted a . Everything you need to know about Bosch ebikes for next year: a new Performance Line CX motor, a 500Wh battery and more! Cable 5mm Charging Socket Blanking Plug Kit 0. Bosch eBike Systems bringt für die Performance Line CX einen neuen Fahrmodus auf den Markt, der speziell für die Anforderungen von . POLINI HI-Speed ​​is an electronic .

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