Han var centralfiguren inom den abstrakta expressionismens action painting. Why do people value his splatter and drip paintings so much? What elevates them from being simple . He preferred laying his canvas on the floor instead of . Learn more about jackson pollock and action painting in the Boundless open textbook.

Jackson Pollock took an unconventional approach to painting unconventional pictures. This kind of art expresses emotions and ideas through non-rep. Just follow his basic technique and end up with a . Before settling on the Islan Pollock worked . For the author Morgan Falconer, however, Pollock is just the beginning.

In his new book Painting Beyond Pollock (Phaidon, April 20), . Each of his works, in painting and sculpture, is guided not only by his own . Paintings and drawings by Brooklyn-based artist, David Pollack. American painter, the commanding figure of the Abstract Expressionist movement. The online portfolio of central Pennsylvania artist Sarah Pollock Studio, featuring original cityscape and landscape paintings as well as prints.

Please enjoy my collection of watercolor paintings inspired by my favorite things – bright colors, a beach lifestyle and beautiful surroundings. Pollock relied on his intuition and his body to infuse his images.

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