Red switches

Sound examples of mechanical Cherry MX keyboard switches. A light, linear mechanical switch nice for typing and gamers looking for something lighter than Cherry Blacks. With the exception of each keyboard physical design, the switch is going to be the most immediately recognizable difference.

The MX Red switches are almost identical to the Black switches, but have a . At Rantopa our products are made with Gateron switches, arguably the most highly comparable to the Cherry MXs. We utilize blue, black, and red switches, . Cherry MX Red switches are also linear, top-to-bottom switches, like the MX Blacks, but they require far less actuation force to press the button .

Learn why mechanical keyboards are so great, and what switches are. Fast-paced gaming with more resistance than Cherry MX Red. Learn the differences between the re blue and brown Cherry . Durable and versatile, RUSH Silent combines the professional gaming keyboard look and feel with consideration, utilizing Cherry MX Silent switches. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible . Enjoy the precision of multiple . This new series provides performance profiles for both mechanical RED and BLUE.

Red and blue switches catering to either light or heavy touch preference . Stand out from the crowd with these funky products.

Outemu Red mechanical switches are medium weight, linear keyboard switches made by Chinese manufacturer, Outemu Dongguan City . Mechanical switches have been known to last much longer than the. Discount prices and promotional sale on all. Brown is the color of your poo?

Other switches are available, such as the Cherry MX Green, Clear, three . Most popular among gamers for their relatively light weight, and lack of tactile or audible feedback. Coordinating red switch plates available for one stop shopping.

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