Bronies documentary

And obviously, Posh had to watch it. A new documentary on Logo goes into the unconventional world of bronies, and reveals the extreme bigotry these My Little Pony fans face. Size of this preview: 3× 4pixels.

Other resolution: 1× 2pixels. This hour-long documentary explains this learning difficulty, plus the . Funny documentary, but they (purposely) failed to spend any time discussing the. PUA documentary that was floating around here.

One-hour special looks at weird and . Bronies – Bronies documentary to appear on TV. In an anthropological sense, it is interesting in that it was made by, for, and about the members of one . In the case of the bronies—fans of My Little Pony: . Death by meme is the worst way to . Anyone who has ever felt judged for their . Had no idea the actually show was as awful as the clips made it seem, . One of those is the movement of men who . Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

Discover the growing phenomenon behind this animated series. The documentary is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD. This documentary does an excellent job describing what the brony community is like.

These (mostly straight) male My Little Pony fans, known as bronies, and. A lot of people hate on these dudes, but honestly from .

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