Torque unit converter

Instant units and measurements conversion, metric conversion and other systems. Select the unit to convert to in the output units list. Several conversions relating to torque.

Unit of measurement, Abbreviation. Torque Units Conversion Calculator. You should always independently verify values used in critical applications. Kilogram Force Centimeter, kgf∙cm.

The SI derived unit for torque (moment of force) is: newton⋅meter (N⋅m). Conversion calculator will convert unts of torque for N-m, In-lbs, ft-lbs, kgf-m, ozf-n, khf-com,. Many people think of this more . This calculator will convert your torque unit into other torque units.

As the torque is called moment, it is commonly represented M. The units of pound-force-foot, pound-force inch, . Temperature Conversion Formulas . Quickly convert newton meters into kilogram meters (N-m to kg-m) using the online calculator for metric. The calculator below can be used to convert between some common moment or torque units.

Convert and calculate units of measurement e. Once you know the torque range you are wanting to . Here you can convert newton centimetres , ounce-force inches, kg-force metres and other torque measurement units into . Quickly and easily convert N-m to ft-lbs and ft-lbs to N-m using this convenient unit converter. This torque conversion converts the given input values to the possible units. Just enter the value and select the unit, you get the calculated conversions.

The parameter value controls the unit of the physical signal at the output port of.

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