Corn drill teeth

About US : We create the most funny videos collection from around the world. He shared clips of him with blood dripping out of his mouth, as much as web users who . It was hair last time and now it is teeth, added another.

I want to believe this is fake. I thought those pieces of corn flying off were here teeth at first, and was . Gav and Dan cobbled this video together. The video, filmed in Tieling, Liaoning Province on July .

Free delivery on eligible orders. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible . Man loses two front teeth when challenging drill corn. Planting one tooth costs around ¥10yuan in China. As the drill rotates the corn with its cob, the Chinese man simultaneously give his biggest first bites.

Yang is seen slowly pulling the cob across his teeth as bits of corn go flying. The teeth that come out of his mouth are small and square. But this Chinese man takes seems to have taken a . You only need to look at people getting killed playing Pokemon to .

Corn in the drill Challenge Fail. In the video, he bares his teeth, turns on the drill and lets the corn spin under his teeth, stripping it of its kernels. Because people on the internet . New corn on the cob drill craze is simply RIDICULOUS.

Literally all of your teeth could be ripped out if it goes even slightly wrong. Mess coming for the bald corn . Embed Code + Share Video Download Video. Find More Milling Cutter Information about 3.

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