Slurry tank farming simulator 2015 mods

Robusta slurry tanker including Schuitemakerdisc. Credits: RobinvE DOWNLOAD ShareMods. Did you know that playing video games can be really relaxing and also educational activity?

A huge community for Farming Simulator! The Redrock slurry tanker range is built to the highest quality. This the Abbey slurry tanker with other Textures! Description to put it in his map.

Slurry tank improve the harvest of fields two times. For that, you will need slurry, produced by cows. If you are starter farmer, better idea to buy sprayer of fertilizer . Cows – Animals – Farming Simulator Game Guide. Ability to connect the Zunhammer pipes to the slurry pit then to the slurry tanker.

Wool collect is next to the fuel tank, sell it around the side of the farm shop. Cows make it and it fills the tank at the cattle yard. The fertilizer spout can fill Tankers, Tippers, Sprayers or Spreaders.

Spray liquid manure (liquidManure).

Recommended power technology 1hp and . Anyone found out how much they both can hold? Tagged: PERSTRUP SLURRY TANK V1. OLBY SLURRY TANK TRAILER LS 15. Required power: hp Working width: m . Mod gets dirty – Mod is washable – Direction – Lighting – Dust from under. Selbstfahrer – Sonstige Selbstfahrer.

Volvo BM ASelf Propelled Slurry Tanker.

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